As in previous years, APMA encourages students and post-docs to attend proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics conferences and will keep offering financial support for visits to following events:

ANAKON and MassSpec Forum, April 11-14th 2023 (link)

EMBO practical course on PTMs, May 5-12th 2023 (link)

BSPR-EuPA 2023, July 17-20th 2023 (link)

15th European Summer School of Advanced Proteomics (tba) (link)

APMRS 2023, September 27-29th 2023 (link)

SCP2023 Vienna, August 22-23rd 2023 (link)

ILS Society meeting 2023 and 8th Lipidomics Forum, August 27-30th 2023 (link)

Travel grant applications (consisted of a motivation letter, CV and confirmation of registration) will be reviewed by APMA board on quarterly basis, so be sure to apply on time.

If your conference, summer school or practical course of interest is not listed, check your eligibility for a travel stipend by writing to


First quarterly meeting was held on 28.03. We congratulate to all travel grant recipients!

APMA Travel Grants
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