Next Call for APMA Publication Awards

Next Call for the APMA publication awards will be in early 2024
Details on the eligibility criteria and types of awards here.

APMA Lifetime Award

The APMA Lifetime award is directly awarded by the APMA Board. Previous recipients are:

Prof. h.c. (APMA) Karl Mechtler, IMP Vienna (2021)

Prof. Günter Allmaier, TU Vienna (2016)

Prof. Friedrich Lottspeich, former MPI Martinsried (2014)

APMA Publication Award

The APMA Publication Award is awarded to the best publication during the yearly APMRS meeting. The best publication is chosen from all submissions by independent, non-Austrian reviewers.

Previous recipients are:

Tamara Tomin , Technical University Vienna (2021)
Addressing Glutathione Redox Status in Clinical Samples by Two-Step Alkylation with N-ethylmaleimide Isotopologues
Metabolites,  10, 71, 2020

Matthias Schittmayer-Schantl, Technical University Vienna (2021)
Spatially Resolved Activity-based Proteomic Profiles of the Murine Small Intestinal Lipases
Mol Cell Prot, 19, 12, 2105-2115, 2020

Evelyn Rampler, University of Vienna (2019)
A Novel Lipidomics Workflow for Improved Human Plasma Identification and Quantification Using RPLC-MSn Methods and Isotope Dilution Strategies
Anal Chem,  90, 11, 6494–650 , 2018

Johannes Stadlmann, IMBA Vienna (2018)
Comparative glycoproteomics of stem cells identifies new players in ricin toxicity
Nature 549, 538-542, 2017

Clemens Grünwald-Gruber, BOKU Vienna (2017)
Determination of true ratios of different N-glycan structures in electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Anal Bioanal Chem 409, 2519-2530, 2017

Johannes Griss, Meduni Vienna (2016)
Recognizing millions of consistently unidentified spectra across hundreds of shotgun proteomics datasets
Nature Methods 13, 651–656, 2016

APMA Presentation Award

The APMA Presentation Award is awarded for the best presentations at the yearly APRS meeting.

Previous recipients are:

Lisa Panzenböck, University of Vienna (2021, Best oral bioinformatics session)

Alienke van Pijkeren, University of Innsbruck/ Maximilian Schinagl, Technical University of Vienna (2021, Best oral proteomics session)

Julia Brunmair, University of Vienna (2021, Best oral metabolomics session)

Therese Wohlschlager, University of Salzburg (2018 Best oral presentation)

Julian Preiner, University of Vienna (2018 Best poster presentation)

Katharina Leithner, Meduni Graz (2017 Best oral presentation)

Angelina Gross, Univ. Graz (APRS 2017 Best poster presentation)

Paal W. Wallace, Meduni Graz (2016 Best oral presentation)

Dijana Vitko, CeMM, Vienna (2016 Best poster presentation)

Johannes Griss, Meduni Vienna (2015 Best oral presentation)

Juliane Weisser, CeMM, Vienna (2015 Best poster presentation)