The IMSF is hosting a webinar series about instrumentation in Mass Spectrometry. Four experts are going to share their knowledge:

March 9, 17:00 CETDr. Olga Ovchinnikova (Oak Ridge National Lab, USA)
Unravelling the Origins of Functionality through Correlative Multimodal Chemical Imaging”

March 11, 09:30 CETDr. Jens Soltwisch  (University of Muenster, Germany)
“Post-Ionization in MALDI-MS for enhanced sensitivity and increased molecular coverage”

March 16 17:00 CETDr. Yury Tsybin (Spectroswiss, Switzerland)
“Harnessing the power of the un-reduced data in FTMS”

March 18, 09:30 CETDr. Dimitris Papanastasiou (Fasmatech, Greece)
“Multiple-Stage Multidimensional Ion Activation Workflows in the Omnitrap Platform coupled to Ion Mobility and Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry

More information here:

International Mass Spectrometry Foundation webinar series about Advancements in Instrumentations