Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash


MaxQuant & Perseus: Tools for proteomic data processing and statistical analysis.

Free tools for metabolomics data analysis: Here is a quite comprehensive list, provided by the metabolomics society.


Ben Osburn’s “News in Proteomics”: Ben’s blog is a must read for all proteomic researchers! It includes a section for newcomers, an introduction to data analysis and lots of other interesting content. Find more here:

Proteomics Academy: Find educational resources for proteomics here!

Into computational biology: A reddit user has taken the time to put together a comprehensive overview of online resources to start a journey into computational biology! On this thread, the comments are worth reading!

Picking up the Tabb: David Tabb offers a lot of his courses on bioinformatics and biostatistics online! Klick here.

Young Proteomics Investigators Club: The YPIC (an initiative of EuPA) is offering free webinars and organising events for young scientists. These are aimed at providing early career researchers with insights into proteomics and general career advice. Previous webinars are available for free on Youtube.

UniProt Online Services: A course on the tools and services offered by UniProt.