Virtual young researcher APMRS annual conference

07 – 09. September 2021

Tuesday, 07. September 2021

Session Chairs: Viktoria Dorfer, Johannes Griss

TimeProgram TypePresenterTitle
14:00Welcome addressKlaus Kratochwill
14:05Keynote LectureVadim DemichevMaking proteomics fast and sensitive
14:30Short TalkChristoph BueschlPeakBot: Machine learning based chromatographic peak picking
14:45Short TalkYasin El AbieadCurrent limits of non-targeted data pre-processing in small molecule research
15:00Short TalkDominik HeldweinThermodynamical graph-based enumeration of elementary growth modes
15:15Industry TalkGoran Mitulović (Bruker)TIMS ToF for Single Cell Proteomics
15:45Short TalkDiana SzéliováEnzyme-constrained genome-scale metabolic model of CHO predicts accurate growth and exchange rates
16:00Short TalkLisa PanzenboeckAutomated assignment of glycosyl inositol phospho ceramides using Lipid Data Analyzer
16:15Short TalkMathias GotsmyIdentification of linked metabolites allows a reliable and quantitative analysis of the finger sweat metabolome
16:30Short TalkFlorian WiesenhoferOrigin of proteins in peritoneal dialysis explained by a transcriptomics/proteomics cross-over analysis
16:45APMA Lifetime Award
17:15APMA General AssemblyNote: For APMA members only

Wednesday, 08. September 2021

Session Chairs: Yasin El Abiead, Evelyn Rampler

TimeProgram TypePresenterTitle
14:00Welcome address
14:05Keynote LectureThomas HannichCombining metabolomics and genetics to explore metabolism and metabolite functions
14:30Short TalkVeronika FitzSystematic investigation LC-MS miniaturization to increase sensitivity in wide-target LC-MS-based trace bioanalysis of small molecules
14:45Short TalkJuergen GindlhuberHepatic response to fatty acid treatment: A study of lipotoxicity, rescue and trans fatty acids
15:00Keynote LectureErin BakerIncreasing the Throughput, Specificity and Confidence in Omic Analyses Using Multidimensional Measurements
15:45Short TalkGerhard HagnEicosanoid measurements in Intercept treated platelet concentrates for evaluation of platelet function in vitro
16:00Short TalkFelina HildebrandUtilizing a counter gradient in reversed phase-based lipid quantification to reduce matrix effects during ionization
16:15Short TalkJulia RafetzederVerification of a RiPP precursor on the peptide level
16:30Short TalkJulia BrunmairEpithelial cell line derived from endometriotic lesion mimics macrophage nervous mechanism of pain generation on proteo-me and metabolome levels
16:45Short TalkKatharina HohenwallnerLC-MSn based glycolipidomics to monitor gangliosides and their potential as cell differentiation markers in human mesenchymal stem cells
17:00APMA Publication AwardTamara Tomin

Thursday, 09. September 2021

Session Chairs: Tamara Tomin, Marcel Kwiatkowski

TimeProgram TypePresenterTitle
14:00Welcome address
14:05APMA Publication AwardMatthias Schittmayer
14:25Short TalkMaximilian SchinaglObstructing lipolysis in liver cells decreases activation of neighbouring hepatic stellate cells
14:40Short TalkWolfgang ReiterRegulation of CD4+ T helper cell function by reversible protein modification
14:55Short TalkJakob AllramAnti-cancer drug response in a 3D colorectal cancer model
15:10Short TalkSophie HonederLipid hydrolysis in lung cancer metabolism
15:25Keynote LecturePhilipp GeyerHigh-throughput clinical proteomics: Requirements and applications
16:05Short TalkMoritz MadernMinimizing the impact of ion interference in multiplexed proteomics
16:20Short TalkBarbara DarnhoferComparative proteomics of common allergic tree pollens of birch, alder and hazel
16:35Short TalkAlienke van PijkerenCombined Metabolic and Chemical (CoMetChem) labeling using stable isotopes to reveal site-specific histone acetylation/deacetylation rates by LC-MS
16:50Short TalkManuel MatzingerA large peptide library from ribosomal protein complex to benchmark cross-linker reagents, acquisition strategies and data analysis tools
17:05Keynote LectureCharlotte UetrechtStructural mass spectrometry – powerful tools for protein-ligand binding
17:30APMRS ’21 Presentation Award
17:50Closing RemarksEvelyn Rampler