The Austrian Proteomics and Metabolomics Association (APMA) and the Central and Eastern Proteomic Conference (CEEPC), together with the Medical University of Vienna (MedUni Wien) and TU Wien, are hosting the next Austrian Proteomic and Metabolomic Research Symposium APMRS-CEEPC 2024 from the 23rd25th of September 2024. We would like to cordially invite you to join us in Vienna under the motto:

Building bridges in Science –Metabolomics and Proteomics between East and West


Medical University of Vienna – Van Swieten Saal

Van-Swieten-Gasse 1a

1090 Vienna



APMRS-CEEPC is free of charge for APMA or CEEPC members.

For non-members we charge 50 € as contribution towards expenses.

Deadline for abstract submission: 15th of July 2024

Deadline for registration: 31st of July 2024

Topics for sessions will include:

  • Transforming Proteomics and Metabolomics for Clinical Applications,
  • (Glyco-)Proteomics, Lipidomics, Metabolomics, …. Multi-Omics,
  • Omics Technology Development, Spatial Omics,
  • Top-Down and Structural Proteomics,
  • Advancing Biomedical Research and Healthcare,
  • Selected Topics like Exposomics, Foodomics, Plantomics, …..,
  • Emerging Topics in Omics,
  • Bioinformatic Data Integration,
  • AI/ML in the Omics Field,
    and many more!

Confirmed speakers (list continuously updated):

Boryana Petrova, Harvard Medical School/MedUni Vienna

Dr. Petrova is a broadly trained molecular biologist with extensive expertise in LCMS and metabolomics. She worked as a metabolomics expert at prestigious institutions such as MIT and Harvard Medical School (HMS) as well as a lecturer at Northeastern University and the Cambridge Centre for International Research. Recently, Dr Petrova assumed the position of Director of the Research Metabolomics Core Facility at MedUni Vienna. As a postdoc at MIT, research on Drosophila oogenesis and Toxoplasma gondii drug resistance sparked her interest in metabolomics and LCMS. At Boston Children’s Hospital and HMS, as a staff scientist, she established the metabolomics mass spectrometry facility for the lab of Dr. N. Kanarek. She applied metabolomics to various biological inquiries, including cancer, neuroinflammation, developmental biology and more, both in basic and clinically relevant settings.

Elisabeth Varga, University of Veterinary medicine, Vienna

Elisabeth Varga studied “Safety in the Food Chain” at BOKU University where she also obtained her PhD in the area of mycotoxin research. After several research stays abroad and working at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Vienna for almost five years, she is currently an assistant professor in the area of Analytical Chemistry with focus on Food and Environmental Analysis at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna. She is working at the interface of analytical chemistry and toxicology with liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry as her primary technique of choice. Beside small molecule biotoxins, her interests are potentially ichthyotoxic microalgae in particular from the genera Prymnesium, Karlodinium and Alexandrium.

More speakers and program coming soon! Stay tuned!