About us

APMA is run by a board and has a junior board to represent the interests of young researchers in the fields of proteomics and metabolomics.

APMA fosters proteomics and metabolomics research by providing travel scholarships for young researchers for events in Austria and major conferences in the field.

Online resources for proteomics and metabolomics.


APMA’s main activity is the organisation of the yearly APMRS – the Austrian Proteomics and Metabolomics Research Symposium.
Review APMRS 2019 in Salzburg.

APMRS 2020 – Single Cell Proteomics & Metabolomics: The conference is canceled due to the COVID-19 situation.

Updates on future events will be announced here.


Who can join?

Joining APMA is open to anyone interested in proteomics or metabolomics. By filling out the form your registration is forwarded to the APMA office who will be in contact with you shortly.

Membership fees

The annual membership fees are:

  • € 35.- for ordinary members
  • € 15.- for student members.